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What Are Ember Angel Note Cards

Additional Information

The artist and owner of Ember, a beautiful, sweet, playful 7-month old blue calico Maine Coon kitten drew them to bring attention to this often misdiagnosed, fast-moving, fatal disease.  Ember was diagnosed on her 7-month birthday and lost her life to Wet FIP three weeks later.  She had been a normal healthy kitten just weeks prior to her diagnosis.  she became lethargic, did not eat as normal and was not interested in playing with her feline friends.  Her decline was rapid and the disease is heartbreaking for all involved.

Each of these note cards captures an image of a beloved cat, pet and friend that lost its life to FIP.  They come from all over the world.  Their caregivers are members of a facebook support group called FIP Fighters.  The site provides assistance, advice and guidance for anyone going through this disease. The group is one of the best support groups on Facebook with wonderful administrators.

FIP is a mutation of the common Corona Virus that affects 95% of cats.  The virus can mutate into the FIP virus in 5-10% of these cats.  It can affect cats of any age, but is the largest killer of cats under 3 years of age or those with reduced immune systems.  The disease is misunderstood and often misdiagnosed.  There is currently no test that is 100% accurate and no preventative vaccine or readily available cure, but there have been recent advances in treatment and palliative care.

Recent FIP research has made promising advances with experimental drugs, field trials have been limited and those solutions are not yet commercially available.  Additional research and trials are needed to bring any solutions to market or to pass FDA protocol.  New funding for additional trials and drugs are critical to finding a cure.

100% of the net proceeds of these lovely notecards go to the Winn Feline Foundation's Bria Fund that funds specifically to FIP research.  Purchases of these cards as well as your additional donations will help continue the funding for a cure.  Together we can fund and expand knowledge of this disease one card at a time.  A link to the donation site for the Bria fund is located on the front page of this website.  In addition there are links  to other FIP sites that also fund FIP research.  Peter Cohen's cat Smokey is a FIP Survivor from a Clinical Trial at UC Davis.  Information is on his site ZenByCat which is on the links page.  There are now many more survivors on experimental drugs that are not yet readily available or affordable.

These cards and this site are in loving memory of my kitten Ember and all of her fellow FIP Angels.

Thank you for your support - Mimi Siracusa

A special Thank you to everyone on the FIP Fighter's group who helped me during Ember's illness and afterwards.  Also to Ember's Veterinarian who was so supportful not only during her illness, but in promoting these cards.  -  Just Cats Veterinary Services - The Woodlands Texas

and especially to my husband Terry, sister in law Sharon and friends Susan Gingrich, Martie Cenkci, Melinda Outterside, Camilla Owen, Peter Cohen and Darcey Matthews for their encouragement and  support to keep drawing and bringing these cards to a reality.