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Bria Fund

Information on Bria Fund and FIP Research

Bria Fund was established in 2005 and all  the donations go to funding FIP studies.  The link below is to the Bria fund with information on FIP and links to donations.

Zen By Cat - House of Nekko

ZenbyCat is a 501c3 nonprofit organization to raise awareness and funds for FIP.  Meet Smokey a FIP trial cat survivor and the unique home of Peter Cohen a major FIP supporter and site with many useful cat products that also support FIP research. 

FIP Fighters Facebook

FIP Fighers is a facebook support group for those who want information and support for Feline Infectious Peritonitis. In the file section are many useful documents for dealing with FIP, palliative care, treatments and also information for caregivers dealing with care.

Amazing group with knowledgeable administrators.  For those going through FIP, this site is a must.

Winn Feline Foundation

Supports every cat, every day benefits from Winn Funded research for all types of various Feline diseases.

More than 6 Million has been granted to studies that are specific to feline health.  Info and resources are available at the Winn Feline Foundation site link below.


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  • Cards can be sent internationally depending on the mail services and costs.